“And we have come here, lapping up the moonlight
But I was waiting, wait until the sunrise… to unveil these starry eyes.” (Starlight)

“Thunder and Lightning” starts with an argument and ends with the Apocalypse. 

In times of uncertainty, I find solace in thoughtful, intriguing music that puts to words the experiences I’m going through. Stress over work or finances, troubled relationships, changes in routine, or even that unexplainable feeling of self-doubt; somehow all of these things feel more manageable if you know that someone else has been through it already and understands what you are going through.

These songs, from stripped down folk duet ‘Thunder and Lightning’ to turbulent rock ballad ‘I Fell,’ are based on genuine experiences, with the intention to spark introspective thoughts in others by examining my own. Only by speaking up are we able to find solidarity with those around us.


After a year in the studio, the Alec Hutson Trio has finally unveiled its debut album, Thunder and Lightning. A potent mixture of rock, soul, and folk, their music is set to entrance your mind and move your feet. Front man and primary songwriter Alec Hutson, a Boston native, brings captivating indie-folk melodies and lyrics that are intricate while staying authentic and accessible. The rest of the trio, coming from a soul-funk background, transform the final product into a distinctly unique sound that virtually anyone can get down to. Hutson, a strong believer in music as meditation and therapy, writes from the heart as a way to connect directly with his listeners. This unforgettable project is not to be missed.


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